Supercharged Golf, Explained


The meaning of Supercharged

The majority of carbo steel golf clubs have a base metal ie. 1020  that is then commoly coated with nickel followed by chrome. We have created a specially formulated coating that is applied directly to the chrome that increases the durability and longevity of the whole head but most specifically to slow down the rate in which the grooves become blunt, which can start to happen from around 40 shots on some carbon steel golf clubs. This will make the iron/wedge perform how it should for longer, the added bonus is during the supercharging processs an exciting new colour can be added, giving the golf clubs a distinguished look which sets them apart from the norm.


    Beneath the coloured layer of coating hides the Supercharged layer, this is what gives the golf iron/wedge its added durability. Whilst this gold coloured material is not too disimilar to the Titanium coatings you find on some of the best drill bits and surgical blades which is specifically designed to help retain sharpness without dimensional change, the process of applying this coating to a chrome plated golf club is very unique. The Supercharged barrier of protection gives the carbon steel golf club added longevity without effecting the feel or characteristics such as laser milling etc, whilst the layer of custom colour is durable, overtime with use the colour will wear revealing the all important Supercharged layer.

Due to the coating being tougher than the club we don't recommend that loft N lie adjustment is done post coating as the coating won't bend with the club and advise that the adjustment is done prior to the finish being applied.





Q- What colours are available? 


.Twilight (mainly blue with hints of purple and turquoise)

.Magnum (Gun metal)

.Gladiator (Bronze)

.Sandstorm (looks like copper but doesn't tarnish)
.Pharaoh (looks like Egyption gold)
.Emerald (Mainly green with hints of purple)

Q- Are the heads dipped or painted to create the colours?

A- No, there are no paints or dipping solutions that could take the impact of a golf shot or impact of a golf ball without wearing almost instantly.


Q- Are these heads anodized?

A- No, anodising is a aqua process that changes the substrate (raw metal) colour but does not add strength to the material. Supercharging is a hard microscopic coating that is formed with a mixture of gases and plasmas that is used in aerospace levels of technology.


Q- Will the material fade or mark in a short period of time?

A- The Supercharged coating adds a barrier to the original chrome, increases durability, prolongs groove sharpness and the overall life of the iron/wedge. The period of time in which the coating lasts is dependenent on how often you play. With use the colour overtime will fade on the strike areas, revealing the supercharged gold coloured layer. When the Supercharged layer eventually wears the original chrome layer will come into play. Under test conditions we have found that the supercharged layer increases the life of the iron/wedge by 100’s more shots compared a standard golf club.


Q- By doing this process, does it make the grooves smaller?

A- No, the Supercharged coatings are microscopic. The layer is so thin (microns thick), that the difference is almost unmeasurable. Also the coatings are designed to mirror/replicate what is underneath, which is why the laser milling, brush strokes and the serial number is still visible. 

To use an analogy its like making a cup of tea with 2 sugars and adding 3 grains of sugar then trying to measure the increase in sweetness.


Q- How durable is this process and does it protect the grooves?

A- This process is very durable and similar processes are used in many industries including aerospace to increase durability of the parts and also in high end surgical blades and drill bits to prolong the sharpness.


Q- Do they come into the U.K like this and are they made at source?

A- No, the entire Supercharge process is done in England.


Q- Will they rust and how do I protect them?

A- The carbon steel golf club will only rust once moisture has penetrated the chrome and nickel layers. Once the carbon steel golf club is Supercharged, moisture has to penetrate the custom colour layer, the Supercharged layer, the chrome and then the nickel before the club is susceptible to rust. As with all coated golf clubs, it is not advisable to use metal brushes or grooving tools as this can damage surface coatings and speed up the process of rusting. A nylon brush is recommended for cleaning and drying after use is advised with all coated clubs. We recommend using a iron/wedge headcover to protect the golf club from clanging in the bag and will help the custom colour last longer.


Q- Can I have this process done on any golf club?

A- No, the process is done on a brand new iron/wedge and the Custom Factory putters purchased from ourselves. The clubs that are generally suitable are blades and some muscle back and cavities depending on emblem inserts etc. The first golf wedge available for Supercharging is the Cleveland RTX 2.0 and can be ordered through our company.


Q- What is the lead time of getting a Supercharged golf club

A- The lead time is generally 4 weeks.











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